Yext for Events


消费者正通过整个数字化世界搜索附近可以参与的活动。但是作为一个品牌,在网站、社交媒体和活动地点共同推广你所主办的每项活动似乎是不可能完成的任务 —— 特别是如果你需要在总部和本地团队之间进行协调。通过集中团队来精简规划并自动化推广活动,以便受众在搜索中发现你主办的所有活动。同时获取有意义的数据分析,了解客户如何在网上发现你的活动。


Whether an event is being planned by corporate or by local teams, Yext provides centralized control over the creation and publication of its details — and offers the ability to create user permissions and workflows, so employees can directly enter, approve, or publish events as appropriate. Enter all the facts about an event, either individually or in bulk, into event-specific fields (e.g., start and end times, ticketing links, event descriptions) so you stay in control of that information when it is published.


Attendees and search engines alike look to your brand as the ultimate source of truth about your events. Help consumers find those facts fast with an updated event calendar and an event page for every event (one with the proper markup to ensure it’s discoverable in search and maps).

And with Yext, you never have to worry about keeping those pages up-to-date. Every time you approve or update an event in the Knowledge Graph, events are instantly added to your calendar — and an event page is spun-up using one of your custom templates.



凭借 Yext,你只需轻轻一按即可将活动分享到最热门的活动发现网站,如 Facebook、Eventbrite、Eventful 等网站还可以进一步将你的活动推广至报纸、新闻台和当地公告栏等民众了解社区活动的地方。